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Chair: David Saucillo

Anyone who really knows baseball, especially the old pros, will tell you, “Baseball is a game of character.”

Anyone who truly knows amateur teenage baseball, especially the college coaches and pro scouts, will tell you that American Legion Baseball remains the best program in the country. Why? Not only is it the oldest, largest and most competitive teenage baseball program, but its primary purpose is to build character in young men. Does it achieve its purpose? Indeed it does, better than any other program. Character has been built in over 10 million young men who have played American Legion Baseball. Over 55 former Legion players have been inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, far more inductees than any other youth baseball program. Nearly 75 percent of current college players are graduates of the Legion Baseball program. More than half of current major-leaguers played Legion Baseball. So did almost every working Major League Baseball manager, along with several former MLB commissioners.

American Legion Baseball is the only youth baseball program that pays for travel, lodging and meals at the State, Regional and World Series tournaments.

In the 88 year history of American Legion Baseball, no team from Texas has ever won the American Legion Baseball World Series.