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Chair: Harry Woodstrom

2024 Oratorical Competition Resources

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2022-2023 Winner

Congratulations to Daniel Rupawalla from Obra D. Tompkins HS in Katy who won the Legion Post 164, the Legion District 22 and the Legion Division 2 levels of the 2023 American Legion Oratorical Contest. He is now headed to the 2023 Department of Texas Oratorical Contest in Dallas on February 20 at 9:00AM at theMCM Elegante, 2332 W. Northwest Highway. If he wins there he will be a contestant at the National level. Good Luck Daniel!

American Legion Post 164
Post Level hosted by Legion Post 164

Legion Post 654
District 22 Level hosted by Legion Post 654

Legion Post 159
Division 2 Level hosted by Legion Post 159

Oratorical Compeition 2022

On January 15 2022 at 2PM, AL Post 95 Huntsville hosted the Division 2 Oratorical Program Contest. The contestants included Gillian Hayes from Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy (6th District), Olivia Alvarez from Tomball High School (8th District), and Daniel Rupawalla from Obra D. Tompkins HS (22nd District). After some excellent presentations, the judges declared Daniel Rupawalla the winner and he received a $1000 scholarship and moved forward to the Department Level where he came in second. Congratulations to all the contestants!

Oratorical Compeition 2020

Rehan Rupawalla wind Division 2 oratorical contest

After winning the Post 164 Katy oratorical competition, Rehan Rupawalla, a senior at Obra D. Tompkins High School, went on to win the District 22 competition and the Division 2 competition, both held at Post 521 Pasadena. On February 17 2020 he will compete in the Department competition in Frisco Texas.

Seen here with 2nd Division Commander Bryan Douglas Coleman, 22nd District Commander Joseph Thomas, 22nd District Vice Commander Harry Woodstrom (chair of the Post 164 Oratorical Contest) and Post 164 Commander Jim McGuire.

Oratorical Competition 2019

Four contestants took part in the competition for the 2nd Division title on January 20 at 1:00 PM at Post 521 in Pasadena.

Congratulations to all for a well-fought competition. Revjeer Kindra will be going forward to compete at the Department level representing the 2nd Division.

2019 2nd Division Oratorical